What Is An Artist?  One Woman Show by Annie Sellick

Annie Sellick (Jazz | Variety)

What Is An Artist? 1-Woman Show by Annie Sellick

Annie Sellick explores in this one-woman show what it means to pursue a living as an artist, in her case a jazz vocalist. She fearlessly covers issues such as financial security, self-doubt, being on the social periphery as well as breakthroughs in self-knowledge and creation as she shares her personal experiences. This was recorded at the Belmont Black Box Theater for the Sideshow Festival in Nashville, TN in October of 2011.

The show can be a full length performance, or it can be abbreviated as seen in the video below to 15 minutes.

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Special thanks to photographer Raynor Czerwinski (, Center for the Arts Administrator Jenny Birnie (, Leslie, Ken Fitzgerald, Neil Windsor and the other artists residing in Crested Butte, CO who contributed their thoughts to the interview section of this piece...the souls Annie encountered in her travels and search for what it means to be an artist.

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