• Tasha Stielstra (Adventure & Outreach)

    Tasha Stielstra (Adventure & Outreach)

    Adventurer | Educational & Community Outreach | Speaker

She is capable, confident, compelling, compassionate, and cool. She and her team take care of 150 dogs in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, sometimes when it's 4 below zero. She'a a former elementary school teacher. And oh...she's a wife and a mother to two young children.

Tasha Stielstra is a sled dog racer and a champion of the qualifier race called the UP200 in Michigan, and she has placed 5th in the invitation-only 500 kilometer La Grand Odyssée where participants race for 14 days in the French and Swiss Alps, and she took 7th place in Minnesota's Beargrease Marathon where she she received the award for best kept team, and was named Rookie Of The Year.

Tasha and husband Ed own Nature's Kennel Sled Dog Racing and Adventures in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nature's Kennel is home to over 150 Alaskan Huskies, and Ed Stielstra is an 8-time Iditarod finisher, many times placing in the top 25. Tasha now primarily runs the touring and outfitter part of the business, and travels all over the country as a popular speaker and outreach educator. Their kennel has been featured in numerous articles, news programs, and in commercials, videos and billboards for the Pure Michigan campaigns.

The husband and wife team have received numerous humanitarian awards for the outstanding care of their dogs. They were invited as the first keynote speakers at the Sled Dog Veterinarians Conference, an invitation usually reserved for veterinarians.

Tasha has the gift of holding the attention of everyone from 5 years old and up. She is terrific in her Pulling Together programs aimed at K-8th graders, but as an adventurer, she is also an inspirational keynote speaker, and presenter for family programming, collegiate women's programs, and corporate events.

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