One of the most popular players to emerge from the Naked & Afraid series is Melissa Miller, having appeared on the Discovery Channel's television show four times. Miller is now the official spokesperson for Blade Magazine and travels the country documenting products, conducting interviews via video series and through her social media accounts, and making appearances at trade shows.

Melissa is an enthusiastic outdoor adventure advocate and a self-proclaimed nature nerd. She is a real deal survivalist, naturalist, and outdoor educator and she loves to share her passion about the wild side of life in her speaking engagements and inspirational lecture demonstrations.

She is hardly ever "lost in the woods", because she has prepared for years learning ancient survival techniques, firecraft, shelter building, foraging, trapping and campfire cooking, all which she used in presentations as a naturalist and guide at a large nature preserve.

However, Melissa's program focuses not only on her experiences on the popular television series and being "lost in the woods", but also being "lost in life", having endured the death of her brother, and overcoming chronic anxiety and body image issues by challenging herself and gaining confidence by becoming a self-taught primitive practitioner.

Miller will share her experiences using photos and videos in a power point presentation amd storytelling lecture demonstration.